The Noto Photo Protocol

The NoPhoPro is a quasi-formalized method of getting a good group photo of a large number of individuals where there is no central authority (or poor recognition thereof,) not everyone is in the know, and there is perhaps little cohesion. It was developed by the Ungisphere Department of Counter-Ennui for the Ungisphere, where not everyone knows each other, nor who is HNIC, and are a lot of fiercely independent New Yorkers who hate being told what to do. It is named after long-time Ungisphere captain David Noto because... it rhymes.

1. Initiate by saying "Class Photo." This is a specific and iconic code word of sorts that signals to people who know what to do that it has begun.

2. People who are down with No.P.P. ("seeders") then gather in a group photo formation. The goal is 1 - 4 rows of people, depending on group size, with the front row sitting or reclining, the next row back squatting or kneeling, then standing, then--if applicable--standing on something (or just very tall.) Seeders should start with the standing row and squatting/kneeling row.

3. The person operating the camera ("cam-op") begins taking (or pretending to take) photos. Typically just the sight of this is enough to prompt other people--who may not be aware of the protocol--("others") to glom on to the group; a snowballing effect. Seeders assist by inviting people into the formation. A cam-op should always take several photos, even if everyone is cooperating and frozen in a good pose.

4. A persuasive or bossy person ("director") will then begin adjusting people to pretty up the shot. Director and cam-op can be (and usually is) the same person. This involves, where possible, any or all of: arranging people by height (and importance,) shifting for symmetry, balancing out rows, repositioning to fit and fill the photo frame. Seeders assist by eagerly moving as directed and persuasively encouraging others to do the same.

5. Signal to end and break up (by director): "Class dismissed."