Champagne Pong... Champong! (OK, so technically Prosecco Pong.)
Noto's graduation party, I Tre Merli (2010-09-10).


The Jazz-Age Lawn Party - Primer

Once or twice a summer a consortium of Jazz-Age enthusiasts of the New York City area organize and host a mini festival of sorts celebrating the so-called Jazz-Age of America--the 1920s through '40s--on Governor's Island in New York Harbor.

People will dress in Jazz-Age attire (or impression thereof,)

and bring picnics.

There will be vintage cars on display,

a pie contest,

and hats!

There will be various performances

and a vintage fashion swimsuit exhibition

Also certain lawn games like tug-o-war

and croquet

And of course there will live Jazz-Age music

with the dancing and prancing and jazzing and jiving.

Fun for the whole family!