The Nudity Dares - Primer

A long long time ago on an online forum far far away there was a thread known as the Dare Thread in which people posted pictures of their sexually suggestive poses, genitals and other privates, and in some cases hardcore explicit sex acts. For a long time it was just a string of unsolicited smut, with people just arbitrarily posting underwear pictures and close-ups of their bits. Then one day an open challenge was issued to post a picture of oneself nude at one's office.

People answered the challenge, and then continued to arrange, shoot, and post pictures depicting nudity in more and increasingly challenging locations and situations.

This, then, is the continuation of that initiative.

Guidelines for Challengers
- Images must depict (or represent) a situation of actual nudity. Limited digital alteration for the sake of modesty and vanity may be accepted.
- Actual nudity should be evident from the photo itself, and indisputable (within reason.) Sensitive parts may be occluded or covered for the photo, but not clothed. Also the nudity should be deliberate and purposeful--i.e. no hidden camera, accidental, or unauthorized nudity; nor nudity intended for other purposes (incidental.)
- Full body shots and composition that makes the location and situation apparent are preferred.
- It is optimal that the situation or circumstances involve an element of daring or challenge. This, of course, is a highly subjective criterion with a sliding scale.
- It is recommended that compositions and poses NOT be sexually explicit or suggestive. We hope that people follow and participate for the challenge, imperilment, perhaps empowerment, possibly also the aesthetics of it; and not just to see smutty pictures... much better specimens of which can be found all over the Internet!