There is a theory that holds that human sentience is the human experience of a facultive mutualistic or aegistic symbiotic interface between ethereal "higher" lifeforms and the animals that are the human physical form. The relationship, while most commonly perceived by human mind as the interaction between Man and the Divine--according to the theory--is more analogous to the relationship between modern Man and domesticated animals (pets, beasts of burden, and livestock) albeit more complicated. This analogy suggests a reason for the very different concepts of god that have existed throughout History, and even simultaneously between people in the same time and space. Since "god" is a loaded word, we use the term Alien Overlord Master (AOM) to better describe these putatively higher beings, who are more akin to the gods of Hinduism or ancient Greece and Rome, than Judeo-Christian absolutist monotheism.

In a similar--albeit necessarily more complicated--way to how some people play with certain pets for their delight and comfort, e.g. dangling a thread over a kitten, it is reckoned some AOMs guide and enable their wards to behave amusingly.

Provided the theory is not utter hogwash, this, then, is a chronicle of what we believe might be the dangled threads of Sidney's Alien Overlord Master

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