Pit Lick

Primer: http://saomsdangledthreads.blogspot.com/2012/03/pit-lick-primer.html

Pit Lick - Primer

There is a girl in Italy. Presumably she is some sort of student, with a incomplete grasp of English but rather fluent in Internetinese. She seems to have discovered and become something of a fan of the Nudity Dares of her own volition, and has even gone so far as to issue one.

She had started her own internet-based endeavor in deviance: Leccarsi L'ascella (Armpit Lickers.) This meme/fad consists of people licking, attempting to, or appearing to lick an armpit; the act photographed, and the photo posted to the Internet. So as a sort of cross-cultural international meme-propagation quid pro quo, some of us in the USA have adopted this cause.