Andy Golub at the Ungisphere

The Ungisphere is the code-/brand name for the territory and people arranged by my friends Ungie, Loren, and others at the Bryant Park Monday movie (details here: http://saomsdangledthreads.blogspot.com/2010/07/ungisphere.html.) With its ample space, and central location in an extremely high-traffic environment with an effectively captive audience, it makes for a rather good spot for public performance art.
To amuse ourselves during the 4-hour squat, as well as the crowd, (and or "gods",) we invited Andy Golub to perform one of his signature live public nude full body paintings at the Ungisphere. It went down a little something like this:

(Simulation of the) (Conjectured) Reactions of the (Adults in the) Crowd

This man, who--were he an actor--would be intractably typecast as a cop, began to approach when the nipples came out. He stopped about 20 yards out, and upon completion of his phone call, left, never to be seen again.

Click click clickety-clickety-click click

Art Preservation

Since 2007 the Ungisphere has employed Cactus Pete as its beacon; a visual aide to help people arriving later to find the territory. Over the years the consistency, uniqueness, and utility by not only the Ungisphericans, but also the other groups nearby have made Cactus Pete something of an icon amongst Bryant Park moviegoers, event staff, and the many reporters, photographers, and publicity seekers in the orbit of this event. Other regulars, who don't know the internal names Ungisphere or Lorangeland, often refer to the the group as the Cactus Crew.

Without prior discussion or suggestion, the design Golub created derived from and expanded on the iconography of Cactus Pete. By all accounts, a stroke of genius!

Scandalized kids. ... Quote-unquote.