Viennice Waltz - Primer

The Viennice Waltz is an adaptation of the ballroom dance genre the Viennese Waltz for ice skates. Principally, it entails a dance pair in a traditional Viennese Waltz hold, rotating about each other. The pair may also travel about the rink--usually in a circuit following the current direction of skating--and engage in improvised syncopations (temporary break/variation steps) if their skill level so allows.

The upper body stances and flairs (hold, position, stylistic gestures) mimic those of the Viennese Waltz, while the lower body movements (steps, etc.) are entirely improvised: everything and anything necessary to stay aloft and produce the rotation and travel.

Since the Viennice Waltz is danced on ice skates there are no foot steps; as such it can be danced to music of any measure and tempo.