RToD - Beach House

Guerrilla Chapter rove of the RToD to the Santilli beach house.



RToD - Andy Golub

Andy Golub is a professional, world renown body painter, known for full body paintings in his iconic style often in public and populated places.

The Artisan Chapter of the RToD Program collaborated with Golub and organized a grass-roots photo shoot using the RToD to showcase some of his work.


SAOM Provideth

Saomians sometimes suspect that the timely discovery of objects that incite, enable, or promote antics that they believe to be amusing to SAOM, are dangled threads.

One day Brother Sidney had made plans to recon a new rooftop site for the RToD, which involved going to the Union Square area after office hours. Shortly before, Brother Slugger alerts him to an item of interest at the Salvation Army store on 46th & 11th. On the way to recon he decides to detour and investigate...

The two of them then head to the recon site, which has now become a beta test.


RToD - FairyCon

FairyCon--an annual convention of fairies--is a roving street party of sorts with participants dressing and acting like fairies (or some interpretation thereof.) For the 2012 instance, the organizers asked the RToD team to rove to one of the stops along the route: the Amphitheater in East River Park.

Portage Team

Set Up