The Roving Trampompaline of Doooom - Primer

In the months leading up to my 20th birthday, I somehow developed the desire to own a trampoline. Not just to use one, or have access to one, to own a trampoline. I not-so-subtley let my friends know that instead of trivial individual gifts they should band together and obtain for me a trampoline... and not just a crappy little spring board, or dinky child's toy... a fuggin' trampoline!
They got me a cake. That one of them had made from a mix. ... not even trampoline shaped.
None of those people are my friends anymore. Just sayin'.

Then one day Jones secretly banded together some new friends and bought a 14-foot trampompaline!


Since then this trampompaline has been engaged in a program curated by Unexplained Bacon--missionary arm  of The Church of SAOM--known as the Roving Trampompaline of Doooom (RToD), wherein people suggest and offer locations to set it up: a back yard, terrace, roof, parking lot, even living room. We bring the trampoline and set it up, invite some friends, bounce, take pictures, breakdown and skedaddle, then faceboast about it to Kingdom come.

Lakehouse Rove

Grotto Rove

Gregonz Roof Rove

Chez Monahan Roves

- Locations can be outdoors or in, as long as there is space: a flat stable area of at least 14'×14', with about 13' headroom or more. And should not be prohibitively inconvenient to get to.
- Hosts will have full and final control of the invite list for each episode, and it is suggested that the headcount be kept low and personally known. We recommend offering precedence to the people who initially funded the RToD (we have a list,) and those who volunteer to assist with logistics.
- It is advisable to preclude the consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances at these events.
- The RToD is intended for mostly entertainment, social, and perhaps artistic purposes.

In addition to private locations for social events (the Social Chapter) an elite subset of the RToD team also occasionally roves to un- or incompletely-sanctioned locations in a subversive operation known as the Guerrilla Chapter (GRToD.)

Figment NYC 2012 Rove

Black Bridge Rove

FairyCon Rove

The RToD program also includes a subprogram--the Artisan Chapter--in which it is used by artists, performers, designers, etc. as a tool to display, showcase, or extend their work in a new and interesting way.

Black Cherokee Rove
Andy Golub Rove