Houdini Escapes

Houdini is a hircine denzen of the #AlexanderFarm.

One day he escaped his pen at the ranch and wandered across the street to the house as we were scrambling to get to Hudson to pick up Slider from the train.

With no time to coax him back and lock him up again, we loaded him up in the car along with Jack the puppy--the extant member the Pettable Animal Welcome Wagon--and brought him with.

After some initial trepidation and anxiety,

it turns out he doesn't so much mind car rides,

and seems to very much enjoy the new and different places they take him.

And humans in these places seem to be tickled and enchanted by his presence as well.

So we plan to take Houdini on more of these trips, these get-aways, these escapes, if you will.

If you happen to instagram or twitter an image of Houdini on one of his escapes, please: #HoudiniEscapes

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